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The mission of the Institute for Innovation & Improvement is, to support and advocate in terms of business innovation & quality improvement in all kinds of contexts.

The Institute for Innovation & Improvement shares and distributes important information, ideas, and best practices within its customer base and its network of highly skilled business quality and improvement experts. Customers and experts are hereby also getting interconnected. In order to fully support our mission of quality improvement & business innovation, we have created a web-based ECO system called emilQ DAILY.

emilQ® DAILY is a fully integrated Business Improvement Software Suite which is accessible for all who want to improve DAILY business in terms of quality, strategy, structure, processes, leadership, compliance and communication. Utilize outstanding expertise, experience and know-how by highly skilled experts from all over the world.


emilQ® DAILY is a Cloud Service (SaaS=Software as a Service), so there is no installation required!